Urban and Rural Planning (Five-year undergraduate program)

1. Education Objectives

To cultivate application-oriented senior specialists who meet the needs of national urban and rural development with solid basic theoretical knowledge and practical ability of urban and rural planning and design.

Students graduating from this program will have strong senses of social responsibility, teamwork spirits, innovative thinking, and concepts of sustainable development and cultural inheritance. Students after graduation will be mainly engaged in designing, developing and managing rural and urban planning projects and related teaching and research in professional planning institutions, administrative organizations, universities and research institutions.

Graduates are expected to achieve the following goals in about 5 years after graduation:

(1) Having social responsibility, healthy body and mind, and good humanistic quality; understanding and committing to professional ethics; considering laws and regulations, environment and sustainable development and other factors with priority to public interests in planning practices.

(2) Provided with basic knowledge of humanities and social science and systematic expertise of urban and rural planning; have the ability to correctly handle complex relationships between urban- rural development and natural environment, social environment, and historical heritage; be able to conduct comprehensive research on urban and rural related issues, discover problems and  associated characteristics, analyze and deduce the future demands and impacts of planning objects using forecasting methods, and propose planning suggestions.

(3) Provided with the ability to track and adapt to the development of modern urban and rural planning technology; provided with the ability to practice and innovate, and consciously use new technologies and methods in engineering analysis, project design and expression; possess the preliminary ability to coordinate multiple plans.

(4) Familiar with basic principles and technical methods of urban and rural planning and management; possess certain abilities for coordination, management, communication, competition and cooperation; qualified for the work of urban and rural planning and management in administrative organs, planning consultation, real estate development and other departments.

(5) Provided with good interpersonal relationships, team consciousness, and team organization and coordination ability; provided with the ability to hold the role of individuals, members and leaders in a team under a multidisciplinary background; meet the requirements of National Registered Urban and Rural Planner in terms of knowledge, ability, and quality.

(6) Provided with global consciousness and international perspective; possess the habit and ability of independent- and lifelong- learning; be able to continuously improve comprehensive quality and professional ability through independent-learning and constantly adapt to social development.

  2. Core courses

Urban Planning Principles, Urban Environment & Urban Ecology, Principles of Geographic Information System, Theory & History of Urban Planning and City Construction, Urban and Rural Infrastructure System Planning, Urban and Rural Roads and Traffic Planning, Urban master planning, Town Planning & Design, Detailed Planning, Urban Planning & Design, Urban and rural Social comprehensive Investigation and Study, Urban and Rural Planning Management & Regulations, etc.

3. Special requirements for candidates’ physical conditions

Candidates with color blindness or color weakness should not apply.

  4. Employment fields

Students can apply for a position in such fields as urban and rural planning and management, urban and rural planning and design, urban and rural construction management, architectural design, real estate development, urban decision-making consultation, government agencies, scientific research institutes, and universities.


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