Geographic Information Engineering (Four-year program)

1. Education Aims

The fundamental goal of this major is to train qualified socialist builders and reliable successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor. To cultivate solid basic theory, professional knowledge and good practical skills in surveying and mapping science and technology, geography, computer science and technology, etc. Have high ability of geographic information engineering project design, management, organization and implementation, be able to solve complex engineering problems by means of mathematics, natural science, engineering science and modern geographic information technology; possess basic knowledge of humanities and social sciences, be trained in scientific thinking; have a certain international vision, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial consciousness and continuous learning ability. High-quality engineering and technical personnel who can be engaged in the development and application of geographic information technology, investigation and management of natural resources, development and utilization of resources, disaster monitoring and management, urban and rural planning, intelligent transportation, environmental protection and other scientific research, engineering application and management related to geographic information engineering in teaching and research institutions, relevant government departments, enterprises and institutions.

It is expected to achieve the following objectives:

     (1)To have an in-depth understanding and understanding of basic knowledge and professional theory, and to be able to solve complex engineering and technical problems in the industry taking into account social, health, safety, legal, cultural and environmental factors.

     (2)It can integrate natural science, mathematics, information science and professional knowledge to solve complex scientific problems in the field of geographic information engineering, and has certain spatial data collection and management, geographic information system application and research ability. Have a certain sense of innovation and ability.

      (3)Be able to design, organize, manage and implement geographic information engineering projects, have strong abilities in engineering analysis, scheme design and dealing with complex problems, and possess the basic abilities and qualities of geographic information engineers. Be competent for the position of professional and technical person in charge.

      (4)Have strong organizational ability, adaptive ability and team spirit, understand the development frontier and trends in the field of geographic information engineering, and have good ability of organization, management and decision-making.

      (5)Have high professional accomplishment and personal accomplishment, be familiar with the relevant national policies and regulations on surveying and mapping geographic information industry, and be able to understand and abide by professional ethics and norms in engineering practice.

      (6)To be able to understand and track the cutting-edge knowledge of the discipline in time, have a certain international vision and the ability of cross-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary communication and mutual cooperation, and have the quality of autonomous learning and lifelong learning.

2. Main courses and Exercitation

Introduction to Geography, Surveying, Cartography, Geographic Information System, Geographic Information System Software Application, GIS Programming, Data Structure, Network Fundamental and Application, Spatial Database, Geographic Information Systems Development, Remote Sensing Principle & Application, Spatial Analysis, WebGIS, Remote Digital Image Processing, GNSS Principle and Application, etc.

GIS Programming Exercitation, Digital Mapping Exercitation, Geographic Information Systems Exercitation, Geographic Information Systems Develop Exercitation, Remote Digital Image Processing Course Design, WebGIS Exercitation, GNSS Principle and Application Exercitation, Graduation Exercitation and Design of Geographic Information Engineering.

3. Employment fields

Graduates of this major can do production, design, planning, teaching, scientific research and management in the fields of surveying and mapping, geoinformation, remote sensing, electric power, land, urban planning, water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, emergency, etc.

Consultant: Dr. Lu

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