Engineering Management (Four-year Program)

1. Education Aims

To cultivate innovative engineering management personnel who meet the needs of local economic and social development.

Graduates from this program will be provided with humanistic quality, scientific literacy, green concept, social responsibility and health body and mind. The students will be trained to pursue excellence and innovation, and possess international perspective, professional ethics, teamwork spirit, management thinking, and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The students will master the basic and professional knowledge related to engineering management, such as civil engineering technology, management, economics, and law. The students will learn to practice basic project management, project cost and information management. They will learn to use scientific methods of modern management to engage in project management and other related work in construction and development institutions, engineering consulting enterprises, investment enterprises, construction related enterprises, government construction departments, scientific research institutions, education institutions, etc.

Graduates are expected to achieve the following goals in about 5 years after graduation:

(1) Having social responsibility, healthy body and mind and good humanistic quality; understanding and adhering to professional ethics; taking into account laws and regulations, environment and sustainable development and other factors with priority to public interest in planning practice.

(2) Able to apply civil engineering technology to project management throughout the whole process of engineering construction, to manage the whole engineering project in civil engineering, other related fields and multidisciplinary environments, to use modern information technology and methods to solve practical engineering problems, to use the theories and methods of engineering cost to solve practical problems of cost management throughout the whole process in engineering construction, to combine theories and methods of cost management with professional management technology and modern information to conduct dynamical planning, controlling, calculating, analyzing, evaluating, reduce project costs and enhance project value in the process of engineering construction under complex environment.

(3) Having the consciousness of independent learning and lifelong learning; able to renew professional knowledge independently by using scientific methods and modern tools and technologies; make effective verbal and written trans-cultural communication with peers and the public on complex engineering issues and respond actively to changes of engineering reform in the context of globalization.

(4) Having international perspective, foreign language communication and writing skills; able to retrieve professional literature and conduct preliminary scientific research; having preliminary ability of innovation and entrepreneurship in terms of related theories and practices; having good interpersonal relationships, team consciousness, and team organization and coordination ability; able to take the responsibilities of a member or a leader in a multidisciplinary team.

(5) Able to serve as project leaders, such as project manager, commercial manager, construction manager and BIM manager of large complex projects; having practicing qualifications for Registered Construction Engineers, Registered Cost Engineers, and consultants in related fields.


2. Main courses

Architectural  Drawing, Architecture CAD, Architectural Mechanics, Building & Civil Engineering Structures, Building ArchitectureCivil Engineering Materials, Building Construction, Engineering Economy & Project Evaluation, Introduction for Economics, Principles of Management, Building Engineering Survey, Calculating and Valuating of Installation Engineering, Construction Project Management, Construction Project Bidding and Contract Management, Construction Contract Jurisprudence, Construction Cost Management, Investment And Financing Of Construction Project, Building Engineering  Measurement  & Valuation, etc.


3. Employment fields

The students can apply for a position in such fields as construction investment, design, building construction, engineering cost consulting, engineering management, real estate, investment and finance, etc.


Consultant: A.P. Yang

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