Civil Engineering (Four-year program)

1. Education Aims

To cultivate application-oriented senior engineering and technical personnel with humanistic qualities, professional ethics and social responsibility. The students form this program are trained with scientific thinking and have international vision, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial awareness and continuous learning ability.

Graduates from this program will be qualified for engineering survey, structural design, construction technology, engineering testing and construction management of civil engineering projects in construction engineering, road and bridge engineering and related fields.

After about 5 years of practice, graduates are expected to be the core technical or management personnel in the field of civil engineering, and play an effective role in the organization, management and collaborative team work to solve complex engineering problems.

The Education aim can be summarized as:

(1) Able to apply theoretical knowledge to solve complex engineering problems in the fields of surveying, planning, designing, construction, management and other aspects.

(2) Having solid professional knowledge and strong abilities to work independently; having teamwork spirit and able to actively and effectively communicate and cooperate with others to exercise duties in a multidisciplinary team.

(3) Having knowledge and qualities necessary for the qualifications of Registered Construction Engineer, Structural Engineer and Supervision Engineer; to be the core technical or management personnel and have international perspectives, innovative spirits and life-long learning ability;

(4) Cultivated with lofty morality, safety and health concepts, humanistic social science quality, and social responsibility; serving the country and society actively.


2. Main courses

Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Drafting for Civil Engineering, Surveying, Civil Engineering Materials, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction, Basic Principles of Concrete Structures, Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures, Principles of Steel Structure Design, Building Steel Structure Design, Engineering Structural Testing, Engineering Budgeting, Building Architecture, Principles of Highrise Building Structure Design, Building Sesimic Design, Construction Project Management, Road Survey and Design, Subgrade and Pavement Engineering, Bridge Engineering, etc.


3. Employment fields

The graduates can apply for positions of civil engineering in the field of survey, plan, design, construction, management, bidding, supervision and detection; and also the positions in government agencies, research institutions, universities, etc.


Consultant: Dr. Huang, Dr. Zhang

Tel: 13864423768, 17853353026